Beware of the Red Route if you living on or have a business next to one!


Do you live, work or shop in Gosforth?  If so you will no doubt have heard about the proposed Red Route.

Red routes were first introduced in London in 1929 to reduce traffic congestion and they may be coming to Gosforth before the end of the year.

Red routes can be recognised by single or double red lines, which appear at the side of major roads.  They impose stringent stopping and parking restrictions.

Unlike double yellow lines, there are few exceptions for red route parking, which includes not stopping on the carriageway, verge or the foot path.  There are likely to be parking bays which will operate only in certain hours for parking or loading (likely to be outside of peak rush hours).  This will apply to residents and businesses alike.

Also, disabled blue badge holders would not be able to park save for pick up and set down of disabled passengers on double red lines or for permitted hours in permitted bays (up to 3  hours).  It all depends on whether a single or double line is laid and also the colour of the bays (red or white!).  It is likely that in special circumstances a vehicle dispensation can be obtained e.g. if you are moving house or making a bulk delivery or building.  Time limits will apply so don’t leave it too late to make any application.

Financial penalties are high and are likely to be rigorously enforced.
So if you are living on, or considering doing so or have a business on a red route or proposed red route, keep your wits about you, get full knowledge as to the restrictions and make sure you get any special dispensations with plenty of notice.  It will cost you dear otherwise!

At Carr & Co we are keeping a close eye on the outcome of the Council’s decision which is due later in the summer.  For further information contact us on 0191 284 0363.

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