Mediation to become compulsory for Divorcing clients


Mediation has been around for decades and it is a good way for couples who have or are thinking of separating to attempt a resolution. Family Lawyers always should have in mind the need for parties to remain as amicable as possible and thereby approaching family disputes in a sensitive and resolutionary way. Mediation usually involves the parties attending (together or separately) an independent mediator who can be a qualified or non qualified lawyer. Parties can choose to have their own lawyer in addition to ensure that any agreement that they may be signing up to is suitable. Mediation of course is not the only option.

Carr & Co also offer Collaborative Law and negotiation as an option to resolve any disputes. Please bear in mind that an application to the Court is always a last resort as it can be costly and create further animosity. Unfortunately sometimes it is the only option and it is at this stage that parties will need to show the Court that they have at least referred the matter to mediation and that it has been found to be unsuitable.

We will guide you through the options available and please feel free to read our Family Law services page for further information.

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