Child Law

When a dispute arises relating to the children of a marriage or partnership, the most important factor is the welfare of the children. As child law solicitors, our team are experts at dealing with these disputes. At Carr & Co our focus is on ensuring the correct decisions are made for the welfare of the children involved.

At Carr & Co, our expert child law solicitors are equipped to help you navigate these disputes, as members of the Children’s Panel or members of Resolution. Our Child Law specialists have years of experience and are able to give you practical and tailored advice to assist you in safeguarding the welfare of your children.

Disputes relating to children can take the form of:

  • Private Law Disputes – between the parents or family of the child, including grandparents
  • Public Law Disputes – involving Social Services, if they are concerned about the care of your children.

To arrange a discussion at your convenience with a child law solicitor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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