Civil Partnerships

As specialist civil partnership solicitors, Carr & Co offer advice and services for clients looking to resolve an issue related to their civil partnership. With over 30 years in family law, our team can help you deal with matters relating to civil partnerships including dissolving a civil partnership, financial claims on dissolution, as well as matters relating to tax and death.

Dissolving a civil partnership

Any separation or break up can be difficult, and our solicitors are on hand to guide you through the process of dissolving a civil partnership, offering expert advice and a friendly ear.

A civil partnership can be terminated by either partner issuing an application to court for dissolution or legal separation. The procedure for applying for the dissolution of a civil partnership is very similar to an application for Divorce.

Financial Claims on Dissolution:

On dissolving the partnership, civil partners can apply for ancillary relief in the same way as divorcing couples. Please see Financial Settlements on Divorce page.

Civil Partnerships, Tax and Death

Civil partners are treated as spouses for tax purposes, and will be entitled to all the reliefs associated with being married. Civil Partners are also treated as a spouse and next of kin on the death of the other partner.

To arrange a discussion at your convenience with a civil partnership solicitor please do not hesitate to contact us.

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