Family Law

Negotiation with or without advice from a Solicitor

You can choose to negotiate with each other in an attempt to reach a settlement. It is important that you are full and frank with each other regarding your finances. If a solicitor, mediator or a collaborative lawyer were to assist you then they too would require voluntary financial disclosure. This will include wage slips, bank statements, and a valuation of any property or pensions, details of any liabilities, evidence of any savings, shares or other assets held in either of your names.

If you manage to reach an agreement between you then with the above information one of our specialist Family Solicitors can advise you as to whether the settlement is fair and we can assist you in drafting the agreement for signature. In these circumstances we will be able to confirm to you our fixed cost.

To arrange a discussion at your convenience with a family law solicitor please do not hesitate to contact us.