Don’t get Knocked Out by a Sports Injury

The news is always full of stories and articles telling you how much exercise you should be doing on a daily basis and nowadays it would seem that we are all striving to lead more active and healthy lifestyles.

Now that spring is finally here and the weather will (fingers crossed) be getting warmer, more of us will be outside on the roads, pavements and local parks either with family and friends, walking the dog or exercising.

With hobbies such as cycling and running becoming increasingly popular (no doubt in an effort to keep our doctors happy), statistics reveal that there has unfortunately also been an increase in the numbers of people involved in accidents or injured due to trips and falls often through no fault of their own.

Where an accident or fall was not your fault you may be entitled to bring a claim against those responsible. For example if you were knocked off you bicycle or hit whilst out running you may be able to bring a claim against the driver (and their insurers) of the vehicle. Alternatively if you trip and fall whilst outside running or otherwise you may have a claim against the authority responsible for the maintenance and repair of the path, highway or park dependent upon its condition. (continues below…)


To be successful in a claim it is necessary to show that you were owed a duty or care, which was breached and as a direct result you sustained injury. We at Carr & Co Solicitors can help determine whether you have a claim and who such a claim should be brought against. If successful you will then be entitled to compensation and in addition other expenses and loss of earnings etc.

Suffering an injury or being involved in an accident can be a very traumatic and stressful time so having someone with the experience and expertise to help and assist you with your claim can give you peace of mind during your recovery. It is also worth noting that as a general rule you have 3 years from the date of the accident in which to bring your claim and we would recommend seeking legal advice before you do so.

We offer advice to those considering bringing personal injury claims through an initial free appointment where the circumstances surrounding the accident are discussed and assessed. Personal Injury cases can often be run under a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement and the claim can be submitted on the client’s behalf to an online Claims Portal (where the insurance companies manage most claims).

Hopefully all you have to worry about outside this spring and summer is the weather and you can enjoy exercising without incident or injury. Should the worst happen please know that we here at Carr & Co Solicitors are here to help.

Please call any one of our offices for more information regarding personal injury and to be booked in for a free consultation.

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