Lasting Powers of Attorney

 Lasting Powers of Attorney are documents in which you appoint an Attorney to act on your behalf when you can no longer make decisions or do not wish to do so.

There are two types:

  • Property and Financial Affairs
  • Health & Welfare

You can create both or only one if you wish.

You can appoint one person or more than one person to act and you can decide whether they can only act together or can act alone.

You can place restrictions such as that the Lasting Power of Attorney Property and Finances can only be used if you lose the ability to make your own decisions and can give guidance about what is important to you to help the Attorneys in making their decisions.

If you already have an Enduring Power of Attorney this document remains valid but you should consider having it reviewed to ensure that you are still happy with it.

The powers granted by the Power of Attorney end on your demise.

Whether you are creating a new Power of Attorney or require a review of an existing Enduring Power of Attorney; Carr & Co Solicitors can guide you through the process.

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