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Making a Will with Carr & Co

The importance of making a Will is essential and each Will is personal to you to ensure that your assets pass to your loved ones.

If you die without a Will your assets will be divided according to the letter of the law. By making a Will your wishes take effect and your estate will go where you want, not where the law dictates. Even if you are married, your spouse may not benefit from the whole of your estate.

It may also shock you to know that if you live with your partner without marrying or entering into a civil partnership then if you die without a will then your partner, save for in certain circumstances, will not benefit from any of your estate.

If you die without a Will and you do not have a spouse or blood relatives your entire estate may go to the Taxman!

If you have children under eighteen and the other parent is also deceased, if you fail to appoint a legal guardian in your Will (which is a simple process) it may mean that the Courts decide upon someone who you may not have wished for looking after your children.

Carr & Co will assist you with how you wish your Estate to be divided upon your death.

Carr & Co will also assist you in establishing the approximate size of your Estate and advise you upon ways in which the possibility of future Inheritance Tax might be reduced.

If you need to go into a Residential Care Home the Local Authority will assess your assets and you may be required to pay privately for your own care. Whilst legislation is constantly changing we can advise as to how any charge may be reduced.

If you have an existing Will then it is important you ensure it is up to date and reflects any changes in your circumstances such as marriage, separation or divorce which could result in your Will being invalid or lacking. We can discuss any changes and whether it is appropriate to renew your will or amend it with a Codicil.

We offer fixed prices and as part of our service offer free safe storage of your Will.

Contrary to popular belief, Wills do not cost the earth and can be done in less than a week.

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After death those who are left behind must have the Estate administered efficiently and with sympathy. Carr & Co can help you through this time of emotional distress with providing a comprehensive, understanding and personal service.

When your loved one dies their money, property and possessions (their Estate) have to be dealt with, their debts need to be settled and the remaining assets have to be distributed to those entitled to receive them.

Upon death Carr & Co can assist with arranging the funeral when the family are unable to do so. We will contact Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies, Government Departments and any other creditors.

Carr & Co will also calculate any Inheritance Tax and Income Tax payable. We will also deal with any Property and shares that may need to be valued and sold.

If the deceased left a Will then the people named by the deceased to handle the Estate (the Executors) apply for Grant of Probate.


If there is no Will then relatives of the decease apply for Grant of Letters of Administration.

Once either of the above have been obtained then the Executors/relatives can collect and distribute the assets to those legally entitles.

Carr & Co can ease the burden of this which can be confusing and time consuming for the Executors or relatives. We provide guidance and assistance in ensuring the Executors/relatives comply with their legal duties in preparing and applying for Probate or Letters of Administration.

Carr & Co offer safe and sound advice to those who require assistance in making a Will or dealing with an Estate after death. Contact us today to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

You can also take advantage of our exclusive offer by reading our Will Review Package.