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Making a Will with Carr & Co

Making a Will is essential to you to ensure that your assets pass to your loved ones. At Carr & Co Solicitors our professional and friendly team having been helping our clients organise their personal affairs for over 30 years.

Even if you have an existing Will it is essential you guarantee it is up to date and reflects any changes in your circumstances such as marriage, separation or divorce which could result in your Will being deemed invalid.

Making your Will with Carr & Co Solicitors entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Free no obligation initial consultation
  • 3 free yearly will reviews
  • Advice on inheritance tax
  • Advice on reducing care home fees
  • Free secure storage of your will for life
  • Your will written by a highly qualified solicitor

Our Will experts are committed to providing affordable wills, trusts and codicils that you can be sure are of the very highest standard.

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After death those who are left behind must have the Estate administered efficiently and with sympathy. Carr & Co can help you through this time of emotional distress with providing a comprehensive, understanding and personal service.

When your loved one dies their money, property and possessions (their Estate) have to be dealt with, their debts need to be settled and the remaining assets have to be distributed to those entitled to receive them.

Upon death Carr & Co can assist with arranging the funeral when the family are unable to do so. We will contact Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies, Government Departments and any other creditors.

Carr & Co will also calculate any Inheritance Tax and Income Tax payable. We will also deal with any Property and shares that may need to be valued and sold.

If the deceased left a Will then the people named by the deceased to handle the Estate (the Executors) apply for Grant of Probate.


If there is no Will then relatives of the decease apply for Grant of Letters of Administration.

Once either of the above have been obtained then the Executors/relatives can collect and distribute the assets to those legally entitles.

We provide guidance and assistance in ensuring the Executors/relatives comply with their legal duties in preparing and applying for Probate or Letters of Administration.

Carr & Co offer safe and sound advice to those who require assistance in making a Will or dealing with an Estate after death. Contact us today to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

You can also take advantage of our exclusive offer by reading our Will Review Package.

For information on fees for uncontested probate please click here.