Don’t let flight delays ruin your dream holiday

If you’re jetting off this summer we hope you have a great time but sometimes unexpected travel issues can ruin even the best laid holiday plans. If this does happen then its best to know where you stand.

A delayed flight whether it interferes with holiday or business plan can be upsetting but if the delay is for more than 3 hours flying from an EU airport you do have right and are entitled to compensation. You don’t need to enter any no win no fee agreement or even to instruct a solicitor.

If you are travelling less than 932 miles a delay of just 2 hours will qualify more than that distance then 3 hours delay qualifies for 2 free phone calls/emails; free meals and if an overnight stay is required free hotel accommodation. These apply regardless of the reason for the delay but provided the delayed not occur as a result of an “extraordinary circumstance” and you may also be entitled to compensation. Extraordinary circumstances which you might encounter are e.g. bad weather it does not however applied to a technical fault. The amount of compensation is dependent upon the distance to be travelled varies from €250-€600.


If you have paid for a flight the cost of less than £100 on a credit or debit card you are also entitled to make claim under the “chargeback scheme” for expenses which have been unable to recover against the airline. Claim should be made within 120 days of the cancelled flight.

Not to forget of course that you may be entitled to recover some out-of-pocket expenses/compensation from your travel insurer.

To maximise the amount which you recoup you should retain receipts; tickets and keep a record of  any telephone calls including the time; dates and to whom you spoke.

Whilst it is not necessary to use a Solicitor we do offer a fixed fee appointment scheme of £100 inclusive of VAT at which you will be advised as to the amount of compensation to which would be entitled and provided with a written summary of how to proceed with your claim to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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