Manorial Rights and Chancel Repair Liability – theirs not yours!


Thousands of people throughout the country have received letters from Land Owners asserting rights retained by Lords of the Manor when land became Freehold or by the Parochial Church Council claiming a Chancel Repair liability.

The registrations of these Notices have led to numerous people being told that there may be difficulty with a mortgage or re-mortgage.

However, even if a Notice has been registered at the Land Registry against your property or if you have received a demand for payment do not despair.  The right of a liability may not exist!

If notice has been registered against your property or you have received a demand to contribute toward Chancel Repair please contact our property department for expert advice.

The Land Registry set a deadline of 12 October 2013 for registration of any such ancient rights or liabilities under the Land Registration Act 2002.  Such rights have asserted rights of hunting, shooting, fishing and mining and liability to contribute towards the repairs of the local Church of England However, even if such rights have not been registered, they could  still be enforceable against a person who has been gifted or even inherited a Property. If you purchased your property before 12th October 2013 such rights may still be claimed against you.

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