Empower Yourself with our Unbundled Legal Service


Law is a fast changing industry and savvy clients are always on the lookout for greater choice and flexibility not to mention ways of getting more for less.

Good news thenĀ because our pay-as-you-go Unbundled Services put you in control of your own case.

Traditionally a solicitor would be employed to act for a client from instruction to completion.

With our unbundled services, however, we break our legal services down into manageable chunks and you can then decide a-la-carte which services you would like us to deal with and which areas you would rather handle yourself.

This will bring your costs right down and empowers you to exercise greater control over your own legal affairs.

Say goodbye to hourly fees. Everything is at a flatĀ cost so you’ll always know exactly what your paying.

Contact us today to find out more or to arrange an appointment on 0191 284 0363.

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