Where there is a Will ♥

By 7th February 2014 Carr and Co News 486 Comments


Whether or not you are a Lord of the Manor, you should still have a Will.


Wills are not just about money, they are also about caring and protecting those you love and with Spring in the air and tidying up loose ends what better time to share that love and make a Will.


For those with children; the Will should include provision as to who is to be their Guardian and make those all important decisions for them if you were not here to do so.


Gifts to friends and charities’ thanking them or promoting their causes can be included.


Extra support for a child or relative who is struggling; all of these opportunities are missed if there is no Will in place.


If you ♥ make a Will.

Contact sharon@carrandcosolicitors.com for more information.

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