Meet The Team: Victoria Bell

This week we are continuing our ‘Meet the Team’ series where we get to know some of our lovely team members at Carr & Co Solicitors. Today we’re sitting down for a quick chat with head of conveyancing and company director Victoria Bell.


Which areas of law do you deal with?

Conveyancing, commercial property, wills, probate, powers of attorney and sometimes even family. Just about everything really.


What made you want to become a solicitor?

The truth is I didn’t know whether I wanted to do a psychology degree or a law degree so I tried to apply for both university courses. My tutor at college told me to focus on a single subject. So I had to then decide which one I really wanted to do. I’m so pleased that I made the right decision!

When I was at university doing my law degree I decided that if I managed to get a training contract while I was at university then it was meant to be. I managed to get a contract in my second year so I knew I had something to come out to.


What is your favourite film?

My favourite films are all cheesy 80s flicks. Even though it’s  not cool to admit it I would have to say Pretty Woman. It’s the fairy tale ending where you get whisked off your feet and Richard Gere looks after you for the rest of your life. I wouldn’t mind that!


What is your proudest professional moment?

There are so many proud moments really. I like to make people happy and get them the result that they wanted. I get lots of thank you cards and presents. Recently happy clients have given me Grey Goose, champagne, bottles of prosecco, shopping vouchers and quite a few bunches of flowers. I like it when people are satisfied.

Perhaps my proudest moment was as a student at Leicester University. Professor Barnsley told me that I had written the best essay on restrictive covenants that he had ever seen. I wanted to keep that essay and frame it but sadly I lost it.


What is your favourite novel?

I don’t read much other than law books. I was once asked to participate in a psychometric test for a training contract at a law firm. When the results came back it said that I was a philistine.

I still got the job though!


If you could try another job for one week what would you do?

I would work in a kennels with dogs or perhaps a dog walker. That would be great!


So there we have it. Keep checking back as we’ll have more insightful chat like this in the future.


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