Life begins at 50 for Divorcees

It has been documented in a recent press article that Divorces are on the rise for the over 50’s, a trend that is only going to raise over time as generations get older and as they say; life now begins at 50. There are less worries about child custody, father’s rights and so on and a couple can easily complete the divorce.

There may be many reasons why couples aged 50 or over seek a separation or divorce but one of the most common reasons are that they simply have grown apart.

When couples reach retirement age and their children have left home they often find that they no longer have anything in common with each other. There is less stigma in society applied to Divorces now and many couples wish for a quick resolution and to start a fresh.

There are many options available to the couple when separating. These are discussed in our Family Law services page

Please contact us today for an appointment at your convenience. Life really is too short and we aim to deal with matters as amicably and as quickly as possible for you.

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