Recession influences a rise in Divorce rates

Experts are suggesting that the recession is to blame for a rise in Divorces for the first time since 2003.

The Office of National Statistics has published figures yesterday which show a 5% increase on the previous year.

The published statistics also show that one in three marriages now breaks down by the 15th anniversary, compared with a fifth in 1970, with more men and women in their early forties splitting up than in other age groups and half of those divorcing had children under 16 years. The average marriage now lasts 11.4 years.

There had previously been a decline in the number of Divorces year on year for almost a decade. It had been expected that the current economic client would continue to force couples to remain married whilst they are financially unable to separate. It appears however to have had the opposite effect.

“We have seen first hand that since the recession started in 2008 our client’s are more cautious about separating” explains Gemma Iceton (family law specialist). “The main factors that contribute to couples remaining together rather than separating are the effect separation would have on their children but perhaps more so now is the financial inability to separate. Couples who purchased a property at the height of the boom in the housing market are now finding that they are in negative equity and simply do not have the funds to sell their house and divide the matrimonial assets”.

“In 2008 to 2010 we attended on many clients for our popular “Fixed Fee Appointment” (where the client attends for a one off appointment to obtain advice tailored to their case and full guidance for the future). In 2010 and 2011 we have seen the majority of those clients returning as they can no longer wait for the recession to end.”

Carr & Co’s popular “Fixed Fee Appointment” enables those who are contemplating separation to attend for an appointment with a legal specialist. There is no obligation to formally instruct the firm. The client will be given all the advice possible, guidance on how to progress the case (if they want to) along with full cost estimates and timescale.

“Our Fixed Fee Appointment Scheme has proved to be invaluable for clients who simply want to find out “where they stand” and what to do if they decide to proceed. There are many choices that the client can make to ensure that the Divorce or separation process can be dealt with as smoothly and as amicably as possible”.

Contact our dedicated family team today to find out more about or fixed fee appointment scheme.



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