Carr & Co Solicitors WILL help you keep your New Years Resolution in 2012

You will not believe the number of times we have heard our client’s say “I have been meaning to obtain a Will for a number of years now”.

The importance of making a Will is essential and each Will is personal to you to ensure that your assets pass to your loved ones. Here are a few reasons why you should make a Will in 2012.

By making a Will your wishes take effect and your estate will go where you want, not where the law dictates. Even if you are married, if you have no Will your spouse may not benefit from the whole of your estate.

It may also shock you to know that if you live with your partner without marrying or entering into a civil partnership then if you die without a will then your partner may not benefit from any of your estate.

If you die without a Will and you do not have a spouse or blood relatives your entire estate may go to the Taxman.

If you have children and you fail to appoint a legal guardian in your Will it may mean that the Courts decide upon someone who you may not have wished to look after your children.

At Carr & Co we provide a friendly, efficient, qualified and professional service to ensure such a smooth process our client’s then say “why didn’t I just do that earlier” or “I had not realised it would be so easy”.

As part of our unique service we aim to have all Wills drafted and signed within 7 days; we offer safe storage for your Will; a legal review of your Will every 5 years; a Will Reading upon death (all of which are part of the package and at no additional cost). We also address issues such as Inheritance Tax, potential Inheritance Act claims, Local Authority Care Charges and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

For peace of mind and to keep your New Years Resolution in 2012 contact Carr & Co Solicitors today for a no obligation quote.

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