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At Carr & Co we aim to find the best solution for you and the process you choose is very important. Focusing on what really matters to you and your partner can seem overwhelming so where do you start?

Whilst we do not offer a family Mediation service in house we have a number of  mediators to whom we can refer you very quickly. They will help you talk things through with your partner if you are considering a separation or a divorce.

Mediation is a voluntary process and you cannot be made to take part.  The Mediator will assess you both for suitability for the mediation process. There may be reasons why it would not be suitable. You may be eligible for Legal Funding and the Mediator will advise you on this.

The Mediator is impartial and will not take sides.  The Mediator is trained to assist you and your partner to deal with issues that you have and to assist you in coming to a solution in all aspects of your separation.

The Mediator does not give legal advice and you can revert back to us at any time to progress matters.

After the initial assessment meeting as to suitability for mediation, if you and your partner/ spouse are both willing to enter into the process an Agreement is signed.  Thereafter there will be a number of sessions depending on what is in issue.  The meetings may include the providing of details of your financial disclosure and also any issues you have both financially or concerning arrangements for your children.

The meetings are confidential and the information from them cannot be used or be used against you elsewhere.  The Mediator does however have an overriding duty to refer to a third party organisation to consider if any disclosures made by one of you raises any concerns over a child’s safety or other harm both physical or otherwise.  The Mediator however would discuss this with you and what you would need to do.

The purpose of mediation is to allow you to be in control of running through the issues that you have with your partner, for options to be discussed and for finding a resolution that suits you both.  When a solution is reached in either the whole or part the Mediator will then prepare documentation to include a Memorandum of Understanding for you to take to us to discuss the proposals. Where appropriate we will draft any formal Court Order or Separation Agreement.  It is at that stage that the Memorandum of Understanding becomes a formal agreement between you.

In summary mediation can bring real benefits in that it allows you to reach a solution about how to make the best arrangements for the future, it helps reduce hostility and impasse, helps you make informed decisions rather than having decisions made for you such as in the Court process. It helps encourage keeping communication channels open both during and after separation and can also assist you as parents in being able to work together to resolve issues concerning your children.  Finally, it can also save both the cost and heartache of expensive Court battles which can take several months and which may not result in a decision to your liking.

We work in partnership with Family Mediation North East to offer tailor made cost limitation packages that support the mediation process.

If you wish to find out more information about mediation please contact us. We will be able to give you further information on the mediation process and discuss how to make a referral to a mediation service or to look at the other options which are referred to in the Family page of this website.

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